• Question: From studying human relationships have you altered how you interact with people in day to day life?

    Asked by megan.terriss to Sam on 17 Jun 2017. This question was also asked by AnnaLyons.
    • Photo: Sam Carr

      Sam Carr answered on 17 Jun 2017:

      Yes. I probably have. It has helped me to reflect more on how I relate, why I relate that way, how others relate to me, and why they relate to me that way. In the end, reflecting on these things means I have more self-understanding than I used to – and probably more empathy – because I’m taking the time to think about how others might be seeing things differently from me. That is probably the most helpful thing of all. Of course, I’m not a “perfect” relater in any sense! I make mistakes, get angry,have arguments – like everybody else too.