• Question: Why do friends usually end up in threes?

    Asked by Ellie :) to Ben, Sam, Rose on 22 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Ben Kenward

      Ben Kenward answered on 22 Jun 2017:

      Are you really sure they do? Not trying to be cheeky but I wonder if it’s really true. It might be an example of where something is common in our own experience, so we guess this applies more generally to other people, but that’s not necessarily the case. Tell you what, you spend a day counting and noting down every group of friends you see at school or on the streets or wherever, and if three comes up more often than two or four, I’ll try and get you an answer!

    • Photo: Sam Carr

      Sam Carr answered on 23 Jun 2017:

      I’d agree with Ben on this one, Ellie. I’m not convinced that friends do always come in threes? And it’d be a good idea to accept Ben’s challenge and see whether that is in fact the case. Although, my 8 year old son (who us watching what I’m writing behind me here) is convinced that you are correct. He said – “Daddy, yes, that’s true…because me and my two best friends are a three…and so are Jack, Charlie, and Rowan in my class.” So, you see, it must be true…