• Question: Who are your inspirations for psychology and for life as well?

    Asked by James738 to Ben, Sam, Kirsty, Maggi, Rose on 13 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Kirsty Miller

      Kirsty Miller answered on 13 Jun 2017:

      Hi 🙂 Great question 🙂 I’ve got to say someone who’s now one of my best friends! When I was a student she was a member of staff and she looked after me and helped me out a lot. She was always very supportive and patient, even when I felt like I was asking stupid questions and getting confused all the time! We ended up doing a lot of work together, we now write papers and do research together, but above everything she’s turned into one of my best friends. She is very successful and good at her job but always finds time to help other people! In this way she inspires me in both my career and life because I want to be successful like her, but no matter how successful or busy I am, I think it’s more important to help other people…

    • Photo: Rose Turner

      Rose Turner answered on 17 Jun 2017:

      I’m inspired by people that want to help people and want to have a positive impact on the world. I also really admire people that keep learning, and have a lot of knowledge about the things they’re interested in. I think the most inspiring people are those that are knowledgeable and driven, and committed to doing great work, but that are also kind to others and encouraging of their work too.