• Question: Do you think technology influences the way everyone interacts with others?

    Asked by Jess to Sam, Maggi on 23 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Sam Carr

      Sam Carr answered on 23 Jun 2017:

      It doesn’t influence the way “everyone” reacts to others. I think that’s because some people don’t have access to technology (so, they cant be influenced by it!), some people live in families that may challenge or buffer the impact of technology, and some people are actively aware of their use of technology (so, perhaps, less susceptible to influence. For these reasons, I don’t think everyone is influenced by technology.

      But I do think that, in general, it actually DOES have a massive cultural influence on how we interact with others. Things like Facebook literally shape the way we interact, so do Twitter, Instagram, and the main social media outlets.